Batman has already created space suits for sequels


Warning! SPOILERS for Batman.

Matt Reeves’ Batman may have already teased how Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight and other characters will get more comical costumes and gear. In keeping with Batman’s extremely grounded view of the Batman myths, the tools and clothing the characters use in the film favor practicality over comic accuracy. Gone are the Riddler’s signature hat and cane, as well as the Penguin’s top hat and monocle. However, such iconic symbols may eventually appear as part of their character development.

Comic accuracy is not an easy task, as it is not limited to how similar the live adaptations of famous DC characters are compared to their comic book counterparts. This also includes the actors’ ability to embody their characters in terms of personality, as well as how the characters draw on several decades of comic book history with a fresh perspective. Consequently, Bruce Wayne, played by Robert Pattinson, may not be the self-confident playboy that many previous iterations have proven, but his obsession with his Batman persona fully corresponds to what the Dark Knight is.

Batman and all the various inhabitants of Gotham will have more than enough time to develop in future sequels and spin-offs of Batman. First, Batman showed how much Bruce Wayne needs to upgrade his planning technique after his early prototype led to him running into the police. His inability to dodge multiple shotgun attacks also requires a batsuit, which retains the benefits of his bulletproof armor, but also gives him a higher degree of mobility that doesn’t burden him if he finds himself hanging on a ledge again. Batman’s next Batsuit in Batman 2 should be equipped with his iconic sliding cape and smoother armor, closer to his most popular comic book looks.

How Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler Can Get Comic Costumes in Batman 2

Similarly, Catwoman can find a way to reproduce Batman’s recording contact lenses by learning how useful they can be. Since she doesn’t have the same resources as Bruce Wayne, she can opt for an improvised version of her iconic glasses that more effectively hide her identity and can give her the ability to record her fights and see in low light conditions. As for the Penguin, now that he can take Falcone’s place in Gotham’s criminal empire, he can choose more luxurious clothes. When Bruce Wayne visited Carmine Falcone, the mafia boss was telling the Penguin how expensive his clothes were. Although the Penguin may not wear a top hat and a monocle, he may try to reproduce the status symbols of his former boss by adding a little of his style in the form of a tuxedo.

The Riddler’s defeat at the hands of Batman means that he will no longer have to do his best to hide his identity. In fact, the Riddler’s new friendship with the Joker may give him a penchant for theatricality, starting with the use of the catch phrase “make me this”, which the Joker has already introduced to him. The Riddler’s business cards may become more complex, and his question marks may become more ubiquitous.

These improvements not only honor the famous images of comic book characters, but also become a sign of their evolution in the Batman world. The first part established their place in Gotham, giving viewers good reasons to root for them or against them. Future sequels and spin-offs will certainly follow them, as they will turn into more advanced versions of their comic book counterparts, and their purchase of branded costumes and accessories will become a landmark.