Batman: Gotham Knights shares its first teaser


The new video game from Warner Bros. Montreal is presented tomorrow at the DC FanDome and shares its first trailer in the form of a video clip.

Batman: Gotham Knights, the new video game based on the Dark Knight universe by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, is officially presented tomorrow as part of the DC FanDome digital event, a broadcast with all the upcoming DC projects along with Warner Bros. both film and video games. For this reason, and 24 hours after its official presentation, we can already enjoy its first teaser trailer through the cryptic website created for the occasion, R3DAKT3D, a site where different teasers have been released in recent days.

New video clip with some tracks

Thus, this new video as a teaser does not reveal anything remarkable about the video game itself, although it does reveal some details that will surely be part of the title itself; so much so, that this new video of just 16 seconds shows what looks like a part of the Gotham map already presented days ago, although now showing a tower with a clock that drops some kind of relationship with the already rumored Court of Owls , the famous story arc of the comics on which this new adventure is based.

And it is that through a series of enigmatic words and phrases, the aforementioned web page allows you to enter a series of digits to finally unlock the video clip that you can see on these lines; for those interested in following the clues of, the digits are 761, 941, 364 and 995. At the end of the video, in addition, a 24-hour countdown begins that invites us to discover everything about this new Batman video game through a long-awaited digital event for fans of DC and superheroes in general.

Let’s not forget that during the DC FanDome the new Rocksteady video game related to the DC universe will also be presented with the no less striking Suicide Squad Kills Justice League.


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