Batman Day, 5 inspirational quotes he left us


Batman, one of the most famous superheroes in DC comics and movies is celebrating his 81st anniversary, celebrates Batman Day with the most inspiring phrases of the bat man.

Since 2014, Batman and DC fans have set the official date September 19 to celebrate BatmanDay. This day is dedicated to various events on social networks, applications such as Waze, commemorative playlists on Spotify, downloads on platforms and activities at the Warner theme park to celebrate the hero of Gotham City.

81 years ago, Batman first appeared in 1939 after being included in the 27th “Detective Comics” comic strip, since then, he became a figure in the DC universe acclaimed by fans, not only because of his willpower when be a star that lacks superpowers, but because his character has given us various inspiring phrases.

“The Bat Man” lived a stormy past losing his parents since he was a child, raised in a mansion and having his butler as his faithful friend and only family, since then Batman has watched over Gotham for years. His passage in the cinema has given us great stories starring actors like Christian Bale or Ben Affleck, soon, Robert Pattinson will show a new story of the superhero.

To commemorate the Batman-Day, we leave you a list with 5 most inspiring phrases of Batman, the life lessons that he has left us with the passage of time.

“We are known for our actions”
Similar to the phrase “It is not who I am, but what I do … it is what defines me”.

In life, even if you are a person who boasts of good manners, a good economic status or a high level of studies do not make you a good person, it is your attitudes and the events of your life that speak about you.


“If something is good for you, never do it for free”
This phrase can be implemented in your daily life, be it work or school. People should not devalue your effort and knowledge, there are cases where, because you are known or a friend, they may ask you to do something for free, but you must remember that it took you a lot to get where you are. You must have more confidence in yourself and reinforce your virtues and abilities.

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Everyone can be a hero
“Anyone can be a hero, even a man who does something simple and comforting like putting a coat on a child’s shoulders …”

Our actions can change the world or a person’s day without our realizing it, even if they are very small, we can do something to transform what is wrong and create a little hope.


The will is everything
You must know that achieving your dreams is not easy, even if you study for what you want, work long hours or practice for a long time, it does not guarantee results. It is perseverance, the search for opportunities, getting up and not being lazy to do things that will allow you to achieve your goals. Willpower is difficult, but it is the only one that will get you far.


“Anger gives you power …
But if you don’t control it, it can destroy you. ”

You must begin to differentiate the urge to get ahead despite people’s criticism, attacks or envy. Even if someone hurts or insults you, you can show them with facts that you are better and that they were wrong about you, without resorting to violence. The anger of the enemies can give you the strength not to give up and move on, it does not mean that you should be carried away by anger and revenge.


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