Batman continues shooting after Robert’s coronavirus


The production of the new film The Dark Knight resumes its activity after the stoppage due to the positive of its protagonist for Covid-19.

Good news for fans of the Dark Knight from DC Comics; The Batman, the new film by director Matt Reeves with actor Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman, has resumed filming in the last hours in the city of Liverpool, United Kingdom, after the break two weeks ago by Pattinson’s own positive for coronavirus. This is collected by the Variety medium after seeing how the activity in the production has been resumed together with the presence of the actor in it.

The Batman recovers pre-Covid plans

Thus, at the time that the case of Covid-19 was detected in production, everything was stopped except for some sets and decorations, which have continued to operate to advance work; Even a few days ago, photos of two units of the Batmobile from the film were leaked while some operators were tuning both vehicles in a kind of airfield.

Now, with Pattinson recovered after quarantine, The Batman resumes its full activity in Liverpool, a key city for the representation of Gotham according to Matt Reeves himself, with the aim of releasing the film on its last scheduled date, which for now is not has been altered: October 1, 2021.

At the end of this past August we were able to enjoy the first trailer of The Batman through the DC FanDome event, a first look at a film that will deal with the year two of the masked man and that will have Enigma as the main villain, a production that has with a luxury cast headed by Robert Pattinson as Batman along with names like Zoe Kravitz as Batwoman, Paul Dano as Enigma, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred or Colin Farrell as Penguin, in addition to other names such as John Turturro or Peter. Sarsgaard.

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