Batman continues shooting after COVID-19 transmission


The Batman resumes production after an unexpected shutdown by COVID-19 that allegedly affected Robert Pattinson

The Batman had already been forced to indefinitely stop its production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other Hollywood mega-productions, but the return to the set had a new delay due to the disease.

A couple of weeks ago it emerged that production of Matt Reeves’ The Batman had been forced to halt once more after resuming in the UK just days earlier because one of the crew members (later it turned out to be Robert himself) Pattinson) tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Batman can now re-record

We had been led to believe that the delay could be quite significant, especially since the contagion could be about its protagonist, but Warner Bros. has confirmed that the cameras are working again.

“After a hiatus for COVID-19 quarantine precautions, filming has now resumed on The Batman in the UK,” said a statement released by a studio representative (via THR).

The studio didn’t mention if Robert Pattinson was back as the new Batman, but The Daily Mail revealed that the actor has returned to the set after seeing him in London with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

The Batman (hopefully) will be released next October, and it also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Andy Serkis as Alfred, and more.

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It’s good to see that Robert Pattinson appears to have made a full recovery, but a star of such a high profile that he contracted COVID-19 while filming has led many to question whether work on Hollywood productions has been resumed prematurely, and whether all these protocols The security measures that have been implemented are sufficient to keep the virus at bay on set. Give us your opinion in the comments.


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