Batman continues after Robert Pattinson infection


It was a spokesman for Warner Bros. who confirmed the news after the protagonist of the long-awaited film of the Dark Knight, “Batman”, played by Robert Pattinson, resumed the recordings.

It turned out that Batman production resumed filming on the film after the news was confirmed that the protágonista Robert Pattison would have tested positive for the virus.

When many began to lose hope that the filming of “Batman” would delay the release of this new Matt Reeves tape for a long time, it has been announced that the recordings of the tape have resumed their course.

Fortunately for the actor, apparently he has not presented strong symptoms that prevent him from resuming his role on the tape or being absent during the recordings, which is why they have decided to continue hoping that there are no more pauses for which to suspend the recordings.

According to Variety reports, with Pattinson and those members of the cast and crew who had been in close contact with him, in quarantine, various production tasks on the film continued, such as the construction of some sets, but the cameras stopped working. roll. Now the filming is resumed as such.

After a pause motivated by the mandatory quarantine by the covid-19, the filming of ‘The Batman’ resumes in the United Kingdom “, affirmed a spokesman of Warner Bros. Pictures to the American publication.

The recent news would have been released by a spokesman for Warner Bros., who said last Thursday that filming for the film resumed after a preventive quarantine. However, the study has not identified the person who contracted the virus although it was later known that it would have been the actor Robert Pattinson.

It is worth mentioning that the filming of the film was paused for six months, after the strongest months during the health crisis. After three months of having resumed the recordings, the actor’s positive case was released, three days after filming began.

The filming of the film stopped on September 3, “The Batman” had just restarted its production on September 1, after shooting approximately 25% of the film at the beginning of this 2020, before the total closure of the industry in March.

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The Dark Knight film, starring British actor Robert Pattinson, “The Batman” was intended to be released in theaters in June 2021, but was postponed until October 2021 due to these delays.

Actor Robert Pattinson will share credits in the film with figures such as Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Colin Farrell as Penguin, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, Paul Dano as Enigma, Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson or John Turturro as Carmine Falcone.

In this version of Matt Reeves he introduces a legendary defender of Gotham City, a young and inexperienced Bruce Wayne. However, it will not be about its beginnings. According to the director, Pattinson will play a character we will see “making mistakes, growing up, falling down and being a hero.” Not even Batman has been spared the coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the film, the name of Robert Pattison did not convince many for the role of the legendary superhero with a black cape, however these would be left behind later after the trailer for the film was released on social networks This generated very positive reactions and many are now anxiously waiting for more details to be revealed as filming progresses.

Even many, after seeing the first minutes of the trailer, have speculated about whether the film will be about Bruce Wayne’s revenge, since in the first moments the Dark Knight uses this shocking phrase while attacking a man, after he questions who he is, he replies: “I am revenge.


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