Batman Beyond Cosplay will make you believe that it’s 2039, with high-tech armor


The phenomenal new Batman Beyond cosplay with futuristic 3D-printed details will make fans of the series feel like they have been transported into the future.

The events of Batman Beyond take place in 2039 and tell the story of the future Batman Terry McGinnis. After murdering his father, Terry steals the Batman of the Future costume from Bruce Wayne, determined to bring his father’s killer to justice. Despite Bruce’s resistance, Terry eventually takes Batman’s fireplace as the new defender of Neo-Gotham.

By topic: Bruce Wayne’s New Costume is the Perfect Opposite of the Batman of the Future

Terry’s high-tech batsuit has become a cult aspect of the show and its comics, which sets it apart from other iterations of future Batman. Created by an aging Bruce to prolong his career as a crime fighter, the costume featured a sleek black and red design, perfect for animation. Reddit user alita_01 perfectly captured these features in a series of photos posted on the site, demonstrating their fantastic cosplay. Retaining the iconic black and red design, but adding its own twist, alita_01 recreated the famous Batman costume of the future so well that it looks like a time traveler.

Alita_01 expands on the famous Batman Beyond costume by using EVA foam and 3D printing to create amazing cosplay. One of the most impressive aspects of cosplay is the Batman Beyond hood, infamous for its face-covering design. Like the rest of the cosplay, the hood has armored details that perfectly match the face of alita_01. This effect was achieved through countless measurements and printing tests until the helmet was perfectly adapted to the cosplayer’s head. The finished product is a costume in which the owner looks like he just came out of Neo-Gotham.

Although the image of Terry’s Batsuit in alita-01 may not be entirely accurate, the added details elevate the costume, beating the classic design to create a cinematic quality cosplay. The addition of red lines on the hood plane and textures along the armor arouse interest and make the costume more futuristic. Despite the personal touches, the constant use of red and black colors ensures that the alita_01 cosplay looks as elegant as the Batman costume of the future Terry McGinnis, but with a pleasant twist. In this fantastic new cosplay, alita_01 conveys the distinctive features of the futuristic Batman costume of the future Terry McGinnis, making it his own. It’s incredible to see how a cosplayer portrays such an iconic costume, adding new details to improve the design. Alita_o1 retains the recognizability of the Batman Beyond costume by adding unique touches that make us feel like we’re in the year 2039.