Batman: Arkham’s Most Mysterious Villain Easter Eggs


Batman: Arkham games pay homage to every part of the DC universe both in their stories and in numerous Easter eggs and references, including villains most have never heard of. Batman as a character has been around for a long time and changed hands, and everyone had different ideas about what the perfect Crusader villain in a cape should look like. Obviously, some of them were more successful than others, but Arkham games left no stone unturned when it came to references to them.

The Batman: Arkham is packed with Easter eggs and secrets. From movies to TV shows and, of course, comics, alternative costumes, Batmobile designs and Easter eggs ensures that not a single stone of the character’s knowledge remains untouched. However, this means that many villains do not appear in the games physically, but are instead mentioned in the aforementioned environment details.

Despite the fact that the Black Mask is Batman: Arkham’s most popular joke, he has much more screen time than other villains who have been fighting the Dark Knight for decades. However, this does not mean that games cannot at least refer to them throughout the series. In particular, there are three little-known Batman villains who have Easter eggs hidden in games that players could miss.

Prometheus appears on a wanted poster in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Many of Batman’s villains act as dark reflections of the character, from Mr. Freeze and his overwhelming grief to the Joker and the chaos he represents. Then there is Prometheus, whose origin is almost exactly the same as that of Bruce Wayne. His real name is not mentioned in the Batman: Arkham games, but Prometheus saw his parents being shot by the police at a young age. He then brought himself to the pinnacle of human ability and intelligence to take revenge by devoting himself to a life of crime.

Like another subtle DC Easter egg in Batman: Arkham Knight, Prometheus is hinted at by a clipping on the wall in Arkham Asylum. However, unlike that other Easter egg, Prometheus is a little easier to find, as he is part of the Riddler’s side mission. The image of Prometheus is the solution to the riddle: “Prometheus, the most wanted and most hated guardian of Arkham.” His wanted photo, of course, is on the security guard’s cork board.

Batman: Hideouts of Villains in Arkham City Hint at Broker

Part of what makes Batman: Arkham games so good for fan service is that they use fan service and Easter eggs to expand and develop the world they create. For example, one of the frequently asked questions about Batman and other superheroes is how the villains manage to take over private property. Batman: Arkham City gives the answer just as it foreshadowed the return of the Scarecrow: subtly leaving clues that the player must find.

In the Zsas shelter, cards with the word “Broker” written in large bold type are scattered on the floor. In the Scarecrow’s secret hideout, hidden inside a tugboat in the bay, there is a note with the inscription “Mr. Fine will give you everything you need.” Finally, after completing the last Riddler room, the Oracle informs Batman that Nygma received the rooms from a certain Sherman Fine, also known as the Broker. A broker is a money launderer who processes and provides funds for several supervillains in the universe Batman. This is especially interesting since the Broker first appeared in “Sirens of Gotham City,” written by “Batman: Arkham City” screenwriter Paul Dini. Although he’s a Batman villain who hasn’t appeared in the game yet, these hints about his existence and his role in the urban gang war are interesting.

The Pied Piper is the hardest Easter Egg in Batman: Arkham Knight

As shown in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, surprisingly many people have inherited the Pied Piper mantle. However, the Batman: Arkham games are interesting only to the original, Otis Flannegan, a former pied piper who became a rat-themed supervillain. No villain that most would call menacing until the realization comes that in a sprawling New York-style metropolis like Gotham City, a man who can control rats is potentially unstoppable. However, this potential of the character was never revealed, which led to the fact that he faded into the background. However, Batman: Arkham games hint at the Pied Piper in cool and unique ways, starting with Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The first hint of the Pied Piper in Arkham Asylum comes through an artfully hidden clue of the Riddler, and in Batman: Arkham Knight his gloves and mask can be found on the table in GCPD. Much more interesting, however, is his other Arkham Knight Easter egg. This Easter egg can only be found by cutting through the floor in a certain scripted part of the game, in this case, in the Riddler’s room “Score 101”.