Batman and Cyborg Were Eliminated From Peacemaker: This Is The Actor Who Played Ben Affleck


Batman: The famous cameo of the last episode included more characters from the Justice League, although for some reason they ended up staying at four. The first season of Peacemaker came to an end last week with a big surprise in the form of a cameo. So much so, that almost at the end of the last episode, just at the end of the great battle against the alien butterflies, the Justice League burst onto the scene, yes, the same DCEU Justice League; or almost all. And it is that before Peacemaker and his battered team stood Aquaman, Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman, whose actress was recently discovered. But where were Batman and Cyborg? We now know that both were also on the set, although they were eventually removed from the scene.

Batman and Cyborg were removed from the cameo

On this matter, James Gunn himself shared his point of view just after the episode aired, assuring that he did not know the reasons why neither Batman nor Cyborg appeared: “It may have to do with the future of the DCEU,” he commented. the filmmaker We now know that Gunn did indeed have the entire Justice League, despite the fact that only Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, original cast members, were available for filming. This has been shared by the actor and model Matt Turner, who apparently played Ben Affleck’s Batman.

“After that epic ending to Peacemaker, I can finally post this. Unfortunately, Cyborg and I were eliminated from the montage. Why? Only James Gunn and Warner Bros. know, ”wrote the actor on his Instagram account along with a photograph of himself in the Justice League Batman suit-armor.

Recently the actress who played the role of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman also appeared, appreciating the opportunity and showing off the superheroine’s outfit in the DCEU. Peacemaker will return soon for a second season on HBO Max.