Batman: Amazing photos of the shooting with Batman


The new Dark Knight movie continues to shoot outdoors and leaves us with new snapshots of both the stuntmen and Pattinson himself.

The Batman, the new Dark Knight film by filmmaker Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman, continues to shoot on location in the British city of Liverpool, which leaves us these days a good number of photographs of the production. And this time, with several specialists at the top of a tower, plus one more snapshot of the well-known Bat-moto specialist along with a new image of Pattinson with the Bat-suit, in what looks like the same scene with Catwoman in her powerful two-wheelers.

This is how Robert Pattinson looks like Batman

And it is that despite the harsh restrictions by the Covid-19 in British lands, it seems that the production of The Batman continues with strong containment measures; Liverpool has been classified as a level 3 city due to the high rates of contagion, which means that social gatherings are very limited and many places and shops remain closed. Still, The Batman keeps going as long as it adheres to strict hygiene and safety protocols.

The Batman: nuevas y espectaculares fotos del rodaje con Batman en lo alto de una torre

And moving on to what the new photographs of the shoot let us see, we see a specialist dressed as Batman on top of the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, both in day and night scenes, opting for lighting based on the characteristic reddish tones of the production; All in all, it seems that Batman is ready to launch himself from the top of said building that could well pass for a classic Gotham tower.

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The Batman: nuevas y espectaculares fotos del rodaje con Batman en lo alto de una torre

In addition, there are also new photographs of the outdoor scenes in which both the Bat-motorcycle and the one that seems to be Seline Kyle / Catwoman’s motorcycle are involved, all through a new image of the specialist who is in charge of these sequences like a snapshot in which we can see Pattinson himself with the Bat-suit in full detail.


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