Batman Admits that the Darkest side of his Life Almost made him leave


Warning! Spoilers for Batman # 125 from DC Comics

As a hero, Batman has endured a lot of grief, but the Dark Knight has just revealed the darkest part of meeting a partner like Robin. In Batman #125 from DC comics, Tim Drake is seriously injured, which forces Batman to tell about the death of Jason Todd and how he had to change him out of a suit before taking him to the hospital so that he would not reveal his secret identity. the audience. He admits that he almost left as a hero after the incident.

Jason Todd’s death became one of the most tragic events in Batman’s life, as the Joker brutally tortured and killed Robin, leaving the hero to search for the lifeless body of his partner. Todd’s death became a crossroads for the DC comics hero, as he wondered if it was worth having a buddy putting the young man at risk. Eventually Todd will come back as Red Hood and ask why Batman didn’t do more to save him. Now the Caped Crusader reveals a new tragic detail of Todd’s death, which shows another dark side of the superhero.

In “Batman #125” by Chip Zdarski, Jorge Jimenez, Belen Ortega, Tomeu Mori and Luis Guerrero, Tim Drake’s Batman and Robin thwart Penguin and Clay Face’s attempt to kill a large group of Gotham City’s elite. However, during the mission, Robin is wounded in the neck, which is why the panicked Batman gets into the batmobile and rushes to the hospital to give Tim the necessary help. Robin tells Batman that he needs to get him out of the suit, otherwise the Dark Knight will “lose everything.” The comment reminds Batman of another dark moment with Robin, which leads to a flashback to Jason Todd’s death.

Batman reveals that after he found Jason Todd’s body, he had to take off his costume to avoid revealing his secret identity. He recalls thinking that he was falling endlessly to the bottom, admitting that he “almost stopped” that day, and let the world know that he was Batman, and they lost a hero in Robin. Despite the death of Jason Todd that day, Batman continued his mission and did not give up — although surrounded by grief and sadness.

Zdarski, Jimenez and the rest of the creative team brilliantly show why being Batman and Robin involves serious risks. Jason Todd’s death almost made the Dark Knight leave. The hero could not help but feel the same feelings after he almost saw Tim Drake die in his arms, and was forced to change his costume at the request of his friend. Batman’s darkest moment as a hero proves that even with advanced technology, money, and numerous allies, the worst-case scenario can still happen, and trauma is still inevitable.