“Batman 2” Appoints a screenwriter as Matt Reeves makes a general deal with Warner Bros.


After the huge success of “Batman”, which earned more than $ 770 million at the global box office, there is finally more news about the proposed sequel after it turned out that the project has not yet received the green light. Matt Reeves strengthens his working relationship with Warner Bros. and hired a screenwriter for Batman 2.

Deadline reports that Reeves’ co-writer from the first part, Matson Tomlin, is working with him again on the Batman 2 script, and that Reeves is the first director to sign a general contract with Warner Bros. Pictures Group since the company’s restructuring. in April. Reeves and his production company 6th & Idaho initially had their first contract with Netflix, but given the success of his reimagining of Batman and the fact that an additional series “Penguin” is in development, it makes sense for the director to team up with Warner. brothers

“Making this legendary studio my home is a dream come true, I’m so excited to work with Mike, Pam, Channing and our teams to bring the exciting stories I’m really passionate about to the big and small screens,” Reeves said in a statement. . Thanks to the new deal, subsidiaries of the Warner Bros. Group Picture gets a first look at everything that Reeves and his company are developing. This means that New Line Cinema, Warner Animation Group and DC Films will have access to the director’s projects.

Along with the production of the additional show “Penguin”, in which Colin Farrell will again play his role of Oswald Cobblepot from “Batman”, it also became known that the Batman Arkham series is currently being discussed. This news is a long-awaited announcement for the studio and fans, and it may be a signal that the DCEU is moving in the right direction after several false starts. Plot details related to the sequel to “Batman” are carefully classified, but the co-CEO of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Michael De Luca stated that the director “received an open invitation to go where his interests lead him. We’ll build on whatever Matt wants to do.”

The news of Reeves’ deal with the company came after a long string of not-so-favorable news came out of the studio. In April, David Zaslav took over as CEO and took several highly controversial steps to reduce the company’s $53 billion debt. In his short time at the company, Zaslaz fired many key female executives from the company, as well as removed countless media from the streaming service HBO Max. Literally over the past week, most of the animated content of the platforms has been completely removed without warning.

Of course, there is also a constant negative reaction to the cancellation of many projects, some of which have been completed or are close to completion. The main example of this is the movie “Batgirl”, which was reportedly ninety percent ready before it was turned off. There is also ongoing controversy surrounding “Flash” star Ezra Miller, who recently began treatment for mental health problems.

Batman 2 is currently in development.


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