Batgirl Shared BTS’ Look at Batman’s Killer Villain


Professional martial artist and stuntman Jules Wallace showed what the character of the Killer Moth could look like in Warner Bros. now they’ve made a movie about Batgirl. Wallace showed off the costume and character design, sharing his disappointment with the outcome of the film.

Wallace is a professional stuntman who has worked on several films and TV shows, including the historical epic “The Last Duel” and the Starz series “Outlander”. Although his work as the Batman villain may never be seen after Warner Bros. Batgirl was fired, his social media posts give fans an idea of what could have been.

On his personal Instagram, Wallace posted several images of himself dressed as a Moth Killer character, in a tracksuit and with a huge moth tattoo on the back of his head. In the post , Wallace wrote: “It doesn’t seem to make much sense to keep quiet about it now, and it sucks, we won’t see it on the screen, but here you are. Dubbed “Killer Moth” in “Batgirl” with my friend Stevie. who duplicated Commissioner J. K. Simmons Gordon. Quite a long chaotic shoot, but we had a great time and are glad to see that many actors and crew from the USA and Europe left with love for Glasgow and Scotland.” In his post, Wallace states that he “doubled down” for the Moth Killer, meaning he was the character’s understudy, not the original actor. Although the casting of Killer Moth has never been confirmed, it is rumored that the role was played by actor Douglas Russell.

In the comics, Killer Moth is a supervillain and a frequent opponent of Batman. Like the Dark Knight, the Killer Moth has no superpowers and relies on technology to commit crimes. In addition, like Batman, many of his gadgets and weapons are made in the style of a Moth, for example, his cocoon pistol. It is noteworthy that the character is often portrayed as an ally or protégé of the supervillain Firefly, who was supposed to appear as the main antagonist in the movie “Batgirl”, played by actor Brendan Fraser. It’s unclear what role Killer Moth could have played in the film, but judging by this costume and appearance, he was most likely more of a henchman than a full-fledged supervillain.

When last week Warner Bros. they announced that they would not release their long-awaited movie about Batgirl, this news caused a shock on the Internet. Fans were quick to express their disappointment, and industry insiders were baffled by Warner Bros. the decision to make an almost finished film worth $ 90 million.

Since then, lead actress Leslie Grace and co-directors Bilal Fallah and Adil El Arbi have shared their disappointment and surprise at the decision. Some celebrities have been more outspoken, such as director Kevin Smith, who called the decision to cancel Batgirl an “incredibly bad look” for Warner Bros. Just a few days later, Smith’s HBO project Max Strange Adventures was also canceled.


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