Batgirl: Leslie Grace plays Barbara Gordon in HBO Max Movie


Batgirl: The cast of Batgirl, the new HBO Max film, seems to be starting to form. According to information from the American website Deadline, actress and singer Leslie Grace (In A Neighborhood in New York) was chosen to play the protagonist Barbara Gordon in the feature film.

The actress got the role after auditioning for the character. The Deadline website also reported that, in addition to Grace, actresses Isabella Merced (Dora and the Lost City) and Zoey Deutch (The Imperfect Plan) auditioned to play Barbara Gordon.

Haley Lu Richardson (Five Steps from You) was also quoted but dropped out of the role before final testing.

Batgirl Production

The film, which was announced in 2017, is being produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and by DC Films. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the film’s premiere will take place exclusively on the HBO Max streaming platform.

The delay in production happens for a few reasons, the main one being the departure of Joss Whedon from production. Whedon would be responsible for writing the script, producing and directing the film.

There are rumors that his departure is linked to abuse reports on Justice League film sets. However, the information released was that the two sides entered into a common agreement because Joss Whedon did not know what to do with the character.