Batgirl Director Shares Message of Support from Marvel’s Kevin Feige After Film Cancellation


The cancellation of “Batgirl” left directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah “saddened and shocked.” At a time when they were feeling depressed, they received several messages of support from their industry colleagues. However, some of them stood out among the director’s duo, and El Arbi decided to highlight these people in his official Instagram account. One of them belongs to Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

After the cancellation of the movie “Batgirl”, DC fans began to receive messages of support after El Arbi shared the official statement of the directors on Instagram. Many have called for Warner Bros. Discovery will reconsider its decision and restore the project, given that filming has already been completed. Nevertheless, the conglomerate decided to put an end to the era of live broadcasts of films, making Batgirl the first candidate for dismissal. After all the time, hard work and effort invested in shooting the project, the actors and crew are clearly upset, and any support is appreciated at this stage.

Among their supporters is the president of Marvel Studios. El Arbi shared a screenshot of the email the directing duo received from Faiga in their Instagram stories. “My friends, I should have reached out and let you know that we are all thinking of both of you,” he wrote. He congratulated El Arbi on his recent wedding and expressed words of support for the “disappointing news about Batgirl.” He went on to remind the duo that he was “very proud” of them for the “amazing work” they were doing, especially as part of “Miss Marvel.” Although “Batgirl” won’t be released, Feigi is excited that the directors will be working on the next project.

Fallah and El Arbi are familiar with the Marvel cinematic universe, as they worked on the Miss Marvel series for Disney Plus before starting work on DC’s Batgirl. These two have worked together with Feigi in the past, and it is very important for them that their former colleague shows his support. After seeing Feiga’s email to the director, Marvel fans almost celebrate seeing the person in charge of the MCU reach out to confirm the end of the DC project.

In his post thanking El Arbi for the messages of support he received, he also thanked director James Gunn and director Edgar Wright. Gunn is another person who has ventured between the MCU and the DC universe. He is responsible for reviving the Guardians of the Galaxy, but has also been at the helm of DC’s Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. Wright, on the other hand, began work on Ant-Man at Marvel before leaving the project due to creative differences.


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