Batgirl: Another Batman Villain Finally Confirmed for DC Movie Scrapped


Along with the representation of Barbara Gordon performed by Leslie Gordon in the DC extended universe, in the movie “Batgirl”, which was rejected by Warner Bros. Discovery, Batman villains who had not appeared in action movies before were also supposed to appear. In October 2021, it was revealed that Brendan Fraser had joined Batgirl to play Firefly, and later during filming, staged photos of the actor in his Firefly costume appeared. Now, someone who worked on Batgirl has confirmed that Killer Moth was also going to cause problems in the DC movie.

After months of rumors that Killer Moth would appear in “Batgirl,” combat stunt performer Jules Wallace confirmed that this was indeed the case, revealing that he “doubled down” as a long-time enemy of the Caped Crusader during a “long chaotic shooting.” Check out the photos Wallace shared on Instagram during his time at Batgirl, including a killer moth-themed tattoo he got on the back of his head and a shot of him with his “buddy” Stevie, who doubled for J.K. Simmons Commissioner James Gordon.

It’s nice to finally find out that the Killer Moth was present in Batgirl, but since Jules Wallace is dressed as a more ordinary criminal in these photos, it’s hard to say if we would have seen a character who became a real supervillain, or if “Killer Moth” was just a nickname. Since Batgirl seemed like a more “down-to-earth” superhero movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d never seen this guy in a colorful suit with wings. Wallace also didn’t mention the name of the actor he was dubbing for, so hopefully he’ll share that one day, too.

In any case, having Killer Moth and Firefly (Brendan Fraser revealed that he played a version of Ted Carson) as villains in the movie “Batgirl” was an appropriate choice, given that the two worked together in the comic book storyline “Batgirl: Year One”. Batgirl was supposed to be the first live appearance of the Killer Moth, as the villain had previously appeared in such animated projects as “Young Titans”, “Batman”, “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” and “Lego Batman. The movie”. A loose adaptation of Garfield Lynns’ version of “Firefly” appeared in the episode “Arrows”, and the original female version of a pyromaniac named Bridget Pike was a regular villain in Gotham.

Along with Firefly and Killer Moth, Batgirl also starred Jacob Scipio (who previously worked with directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah in “Bad Guys for Life”) as a mafia boss named Anthony Bressi, so it’s obvious that Barbara Gordon had no shortage of antagonists with whom you can it would be a fight. . As mentioned earlier, J.K. Simmons also returned as Commissioner Gordon after his debut as Batman’s ally in Justice League. Speaking of Batman, Michael Keaton would play his version of Bruce Wayne from Gotham City, as this movie takes place after the reality-altering events of The Flash, which is released in June 2023. Other Batgirl actors included Ivory Aquino as Alicia Da and Rebecca Front, Corey Johnson and Ethan Kaye in unnamed roles.

While DC fans certainly deserve to see Batgirl, it doesn’t look like the project will ever see the light of day. But when it comes to upcoming DC movies, CinemaBlend will continue to post updates about their development.


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