Bastard: Netflix Anime Releases First Exciting Trailer


Bastard: After years of waiting, Netflix is ​​finally making good on its promise that it would adapt the story of the critically acclaimed manga Bastard!! for an anime. The result, which at first glance has pleased fans, can be seen in the first trailer released by the streaming giant on its Twitter account dedicated exclusively to the platform’s Japanese cartoons, @NetflixAnime.

In the post made on the social network, Netflix warns that “a legend has woken up”. The trailer features a dark and action-packed world and has been viewed over 80,000 times in just a few hours.

Among the characters revealed in the video, we can identify the young Lucien and his sister Yoko, both with an innocent air, and the antagonist Dark Schneider, with a thirst for revenge.

The official name of the anime in English will be BASTARD!! – Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy, and will feature 24 episodes. The launch is still scheduled for 2022, but no date has been set for now.

New adaptation of Bastard!!

A few more details emerged about the series based on the manga last week. Bastard!! announced the artists who are supervising their theme songs: the opening will be by coldrain, and the ending will be by Tielle.

For those unfamiliar with Bastard!!, the legendary manga helped inspire hits like Berserk and Bleach. The story was created by Kazushi Hagiwara and debuted in 1988. Its last chapter was released in 2010 and has already yielded several anime adaptations – the last one made more than 20 years ago, in 1998.

Now, Netflix has decided to make its version of the hit and has already released the official synopsis in English (here, in free translation): “The kingdom of Metallicana is surrounded by evil armies of monsters. The desperate defenders turn to the legend that the A virgin’s kiss can awaken the wizard ‘Dark Schneider’ from his slumber within the innocent boy Lucien. Thanks to his sister Yoko, Lucien metamorphoses into a powerful wizard. With demons, dragons and other dark forces roaming the land, and Dark Schneider almost out of control, one question remains: Will Metallicana know lasting peace?”

And you, what did you think of the first trailer for the anime? Have you watched or read any version of Bastard!!? Are you going to watch the Netflix adaptation? Tell us in the comments!

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