Basecamp: Company Resignation Crisis Is Growing


Basecamp CEO Jason Fried’s blog post on his new philosophy that prohibits social and political debate caused a strong reaction from the Basecamp employees.

The Basecamp co-founder, David Heinemeier Hansson, said he will offer a new severance package for anyone who disagrees with the new philosophy that has been published.

Basecamp employees do not accept new philosophy

Shortly after Fried’s blog post was published on Monday, Hansson outlined the terms of the new severance pay in a separate blog post.

According to Basecamp employees who reached the Verge, 57 employees of the company are reported to have accepted their severance payments and resigned as of today. In addition, 18 more tweeted that they were planning to leave yesterday afternoon. These include Basecamp Marketing Manager Andy Didorosi, Head of Design Jonas Downey and Head of Customer Support Kristin Aardsma.

“I decided to quit my job as Design Manager, given the recent changes in Basecamp,” tweeted, “President of Design Jonas Downey left the company.”

Software developer John Breen’s tweet was the summary of all events:

“Today’s social and political issues are particularly volatile. Sensitive elements and any discussion at a distance about politics, advocacy, or society in general are rapidly becoming less pleasant. Does staying out of it mean you are accomplices, or does it mean you are a target? These are hard enough issues to take risks in life, but are highly important in the workplace. This situation is a great distraction for employees. It consumes our energy and can direct our dialogue to dark places. When people can communicate with colleagues via Signal, WhatsApp or a personal Basecamp account, it doesn’t matter where the business is. ”

While wondering how the company will follow after the resignations, Basecamp CEO remains silent yet.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management system. With Basecamp, you can create projects, team up, share files and take advantage of a number of features such as a shared calendar.


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