BARS is an app where rappers can create songs


One of the things that the current technological evolution has brought with it has been the opening of access to many artists to media that they could not before. Nowadays, anyone can make an advertisement for a product or a professionally finished short film with an iPhone. And from this week, songs can also be made from the Apple mobile, specifically Rap and Hip Hop bases and themes.

Facebook BARS

One of the problems every aspiring rapper or hip hop artist can run into is not having access to high-priced recording studios and production equipment to compose their first songs. And on top of that we have the Coronavirus pandemic, which has paralyzed the entire world. That’s why Facebook has created something that millions can benefit from: BARS, a tool to create and share your creations.

Bars is an experimental app developed by Facebook’s research and development division NPE Team together with a team of “emerging rappers”, a tool that seeks to provide an alternative to “high-priced recording studios and production teams” to that not all musicians always have access.

How BARS works

“BARS makes it easy to create and share raps,” so rappers can focus on and experiment with the content, rather than having to invest heavily in equipment and production. The app lets you select one of the professionally created rhythms, write the lyrics, and record yourself releasing one rhyme after another.

BARS automatically suggests rhymes for you as you type to keep your flow going. You can also enter Challenge mode and freestyle with automatically suggested words. The tool gives you a choice between various audio and visual filter options to enhance your creations. And for those who are thinking about it, it is not necessary to have formal experience in rap, “you can create something great whether you just came up with a song or if you have been freestyle for years”

For now, by invitation only

With limited access at its premiere, to get access to Bars you must sign up for a waiting list in the app. According to its creators, “we will be opening the invitations in batches, starting with the people of the United States, as we improve the experience.” You can keep up with the invitations and everything related to BARS on Instagram.


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