Bargains to buy Nvidia ARM for $ 32 billion


SoftBank is said to be looking for customers for ARM. British chip designer Qualcomm is developing designs that underpin the mobile processors of many major companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. And now this company may have found a new owner. According to Bloomberg’s report, Nvidia has come to the later stages of negotiations for an agreement worth more than $ 32 billion with ARM.

Nvidia is said to be the only company currently negotiating with SoftBank for purchasing. It is stated that the agreement could be announced within a few weeks, although the word has not been cut yet. If the deal is planned as planned, one of the biggest purchasing deals in the field of computer chips will be signed. In addition, this situation will bring along intense review processes of administrative institutions.

SoftBank bought ARM in 2016 for $ 31 billion. ARM has grown in value ever since, because its designs are becoming increasingly popular on Android and iOS devices. Microsoft designed an ARM-based Surface and also developed a special version of Windows for ARM-based processors. Apple has announced that it will soon switch to Mac computers that will work with its own ARM-based processors. SoftBank wants to benefit from the sale of ARM in order to open the financial problem it is experiencing and to please the disturbed investors. The money coming from here will also make a positive contribution to the financial table of the Japanese technology company.

It will be an interesting owner for Nvidia ARM. The company is also a leader with its GPUs using ARM designs. However, apart from the Tegra series mobile processors, which are currently running on the Nintendo Switch and Nvidia Shield series set top devices, there is no remarkable product in the field of CPU design or mobile hardware. Meanwhile, Tegra series processors are based on ARM designs.

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Having ARM will give Nvidia more power in the world of computing. However, administrative institutions will also turn their attention to this acquisition. After all, Nvidia is currently a client of ARM and competes with other companies that produce hardware based on ARM designs.


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