Barcelona won the Classic on Saturday … according to the Quiniela


Everyone who does not live in a cave, whether he likes football or not, has learned that the league match between Barcelona and Real Madrid that should have been played on Saturday 26 as part of the 10th league day It was not disputed. The Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation decided to be postponed for “exceptional causes”.

The prison sentences with which the trial has been settled against the political leaders of the pro-independence Catalan government have warmed the environment a lot and serious disturbances have been experienced in the city, which is why the leaders of football have considered it convenient to delay the date a little of the confrontation of maximum rivalry of Spanish football, with the hope that the spirits relax a little. We let the reader determine whether such a decision is a good or a bad idea.

However, the Quiniela players have had a good surprise to see that in the winning combination of this weekend the Classic does appear. The match comes in the official results as the number 1 match of the 15 that make up the ticket. And not only that, but it has been awarded a result: the corresponding sign is 1, which in this game means “home team victory”.

How is it possible? In what way is it explained that a meeting that has not existed in the real world does have an effect on the official state bets, and that even an outcome corresponds to it that Madrid fans will not like at all? The justification is very simple and is found in the bases of the Quiniela itself.

This very popular game of chance is organized by State Lotteries and Betting, a public entity under the Ministry of Finance that also manages draws such as the National Lottery itself, the Primitive or the Bonoloto, among others. Its activity is fully set by very specific rules, as established by the current Law 13/2011, of May 27, on the regulation of the game, which gives Lotteries power to manage it.

Thus, Lotteries has developed its own regulation, whose latest version dates from the 2017/18 season. In it, Article 38 stipulates that to include a match as valid on the ticket, you must have proof of your dispute “before the twenty-four hours of the Thursday before the date of the day”. If the notice of the cancellation or postponement is received when that margin has not been exceeded, an “alternate party” is appointed to replace it (which is usually a Second Division meeting of those who have been left out).

In this case, however, the resolution of the Competition Committee postponing Barcelona-Real Madrid was officially communicated on Friday, October 18. That is, out of time. So, for the purposes of pools, Article 39 is applicable, which states that the result is decided by a lottery.

The procedure to celebrate that raffle, everything must be said, is somewhat cumbersome. It consists of putting in a bass drum 100 balls of red colors (equivalent to the sign 1), blue (X, that is, tie) and yellow (2, visitor win). The amount of spheres of each tonality depends on the forecasts that the bettors would have made in the Lottery administrations, rounding the percentages so that there are no decimals.

A little red ball came out of the bass drum. That is, triumph for the team that would have played at home, which this time was the Football Club Barcelona. The Catalans can sign up this much, which has no greater significance for sporting purposes but that some may increase morale.

For those who have been relevant it has been for the Quiniela players this week. Lotteries report that almost seven million bets have been recorded (which does not mean that there are seven million people playing, since there are multiple bets, when using double or triple combinations). None of them has achieved the full fifteen, so the corresponding amount is accumulated as a boat for other days. Yes there have been up to twelve successful fourteen results, which take 69,500 euros each.

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