Barça debut: Barcelona returns to official competition


The season officially begins for a convulsed FC Barcelona that has lived, without a doubt, the most chaotic year in its entire history. Going through dismissal of technicians, Barçagate, lawsuits against the club and of course … the fatal episode of the Burofax.

All that will be left behind and on Sunday at the Camp Nou the 2020-21 adventure will begin against Villarreal, a well-armed and complicated team that will put Koeman’s new chemistry to the test from the first second of the first game.

The ability of the coaching staff and of course the squad has no doubt, but around the Barça team the same questions keep circulating over and over and over again …

Will Leo Messi be committed to the project?

Beyond the Argentine professionalism, we all know that he is furious with the club’s board. It is not easy to know how much this will affect the temperament of the – still – best player in the world.

Who will be the 9?

The spectacular departure of Luis Suárez to Atlético de Madrid hid a bit the absolute lack of natural center forwards in the team, only Martin Braithwaite, injured, fulfills the characteristics left vacant by the historic Uruguayan.

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