Barbarian: Testament of the Primordials, Steam analysis


A barbarian and a bat give its name to Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials, a lighthearted metroidvania with puzzles, action and lots of humor.

There are very strange couples in video games, but the one in Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials takes the cake. Hand in hand with Unspeakable Pixels, a bat and a barbarian team up to solve the mystery unraveled by dark caverns. Enjoy puzzles, action and a humor that will not leave you indifferent in this lighthearted metroidvania eager to surprise everyone who plays it. Hundreds of rumors speak of these caves and there are many who have entered them, but only we will be able to discover their secret.

Batbarian, a strange couple

We have no name or origin. We are a barbarian who accidentally ends up in a pit because of ogres. But little time passes to realize that humor will be very present in this metroidvania. When we fall we meet our inseparable Pip, a bat that will accompany us throughout our adventure.

This mammal has the peculiarity that it has its own light, so our only way of seeing will be using the bat itself. An original idea, but one that can be annoying. The use of Pip is the pillar on which the whole game is based and that weighs on the vision of the stage and the only way to illuminate it is to throw fruits so that PIp runs to eat them and illuminate its trajectory.

Some objects are simple stones to activate levers or stun enemies, but the rest are fruits with different functions. Some hates them and will attack wherever they catch, while others adores them and will take time to eat them. Unspeakable Pixels uses these objects with great ingenuity so that we never feel the sensation of repetition in the huge amount of puzzles that we will find.


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