Bannerbear: Design automation tool for social media and banner visuals


Combining a REST API with a powerful design template tool, Bannerbear automates the design process and converts it into different content formats from Instagram Stories to Pinterest posts.

Bannerbear scans the data on your site and creates banners using titles, images and important data. You can share these banner templates created by the tool in different sizes on social networks and quickly realize your campaigns.

With Bannerbear, which combines a REST API with a powerful design template tool, it is possible to convert your campaign into different content formats from Instagram Stories to Pinterest posts.

Let’s say that you can create your own tools using the Bannerbear API. For example, the Tweetagram and Mediumformat tools produced by the initiative enable data from different platforms to be transformed into social media content.

Tweetagram turns the tweets you share on Twitter into Instagram post and story dimensions. Just paste the link of the tweet you shared on the Tweetagram panel. Then you can personalize your content using the color and size options on the panel.

Mediumformat makes it easy for you to convert Medium articles to horizontal and vertical sharing. Just like in Tweetgram, by pasting the link of the Medium article you want to share to the panel 1200 x 630 px. and 1080 x 1920 px. You can get two images in size.

Bannerbear also has a template editor. The tool, which has a sketch-like interface, works with the drag-and-drop principle. It allows you to sort the layers as you wish, while helping you shape your design with typographic controls.

Every design template you produce on this tool also becomes part of the API. Thus, the design template you produce can be copied as much as you want on the API without having to repeat any operation. You get rid of working on different versions of the same template over and over.

In addition, while you have the opportunity to produce unlimited templates, you can work on the same project with different designers. In the same way, let’s add that you can produce unlimited projects with Bannerbear.

After the first 100 images you will produce in Bannerbear, you can switch to different package options: different Solo, Startup, Business. Solo $ 39 per month, Startup $ 99 per month, Business is offered to users for $ 249 per month.


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