Bank of Canada Looking For A Good Economist


The Bank of Canada announced that it was looking for an economist who understands cryptocurrencies in the advertisement published on its official website.

The Bank of Canada announced in a job post it posted on its official website that they are looking for an economist with in-depth knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Bank of Canada expects applicants to be familiar with traditional payment systems, and announced that it expects applicants to have experience in analyzing and using data from public blockchains and analyzing data from customer surveys.

Emergency Planning

In the statement, which also includes information on the project, the Bank of Canada stated that it is conducting a large-scale research program to analyze the risks and opportunities of these developments, while emphasizing that the currency, payment systems and financial intermediation environments are changing with a worldwide wave of innovation in financial technology. In the statement emphasizing that this is of great social importance, it was stated that the project is an emergency planning for a digital central bank currency (CBDC) to be prepared by the Canadian Central Bank.

Candidates Must Know About Cryptocurrency

In the job posting published on the Bank of Canada official website, the qualifications that applicants should have were also specified. Wanting the candidates to have detailed information about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrency platforms, the Canadian Central Bank stated that the applicants should also have knowledge about traditional payment systems.

It was announced that applicants are expected to have a master’s degree in economics, finance, computer science, mathematics or statistics in the announcement, which is expected to have experience in processing and analyzing public blockchain data and data obtained from consumer surveys. The statement also stated that new graduates will be evaluated for this position.

Central Bank of Canada’s Digital Money Work Continues

The Central Bank of Canada, which started research on the possibility of a digital central bank currency (CBDC) at the end of last year, showed that it continues its work with an economist with cryptocurrency information published on the official site.

The Central Bank of Canada, which published its findings that may be risky for CBDC in a report published on October 5, demonstrated its determination with the announcement it published in order to recruit the experts of the subject while continuing the CBDC research.


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