Bang Chan Finds Out Which Stray Kids Member Should Be


Bang Chan communicated with his fans in a VLive, the K-pop idol managed to gather more than 60 thousand people, whom he surprised by doing a test to find out which member of Stray Kids he was, look at his result.

A few hours ago, through VLive, the 80th show of Chan’s Room was broadcast, a live that the leader of Stray Kids plans every week to be closer to all his followers around the world.

Bang Chan brought a lot of happiness to STAY, the idol of the company JYP Entertainment interacted in English and Korean to communicate better with netizens, whom he received with great enthusiasm and with a wide smile.

The rapper enlivened the Chan’s Room program with diverse themes and varied genres, showing that he is an artist who draws inspiration from many styles to create songs that move the heart of STAY.

Bang Chan talked about many topics, such as the next online concert that he will offer alongside his fellow Stray Kids, he commented that he was quite happy to perform for his fans as he has worked hard for this activity.


The idol originally from South Korea wanted to do something different in this new broadcast of Chan’s Room and decided to answer a fun test about which member of Stray Kids it would be, the result left fans with their mouths open.

Bang Chan looked for a quiz about Stray Kids and began to answer all the questions in a sincere way, according to his personality, tastes and perspective, when he saw the result he was surprised and laughed for a long time.

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According to the test that the SKZ member took, he is Felix, they both have an incredible friendship, so his reaction was even more adorable. Stray Kids fans did not miss the opportunity to comment on the quiz result.

Netizens posted messages saying that they were soul mates. that their friendly relationship was very sincere, loyal and strong. What do you think of Bang Chan and Felix from Stray Kids’ friendship?


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