Bandsintown to collaborate with Twitch


Bandsintown will work with Twitch to help musicians earn more on the app. Platform, which is a concert notification service, will support artists who cannot organize tours due to the corona virus (covid-19).

This collaboration will allow artists in Bandsintown to bypass the reviews they need to pass in order to be Twitch approved. In this way, they will have faster access to the live broadcasting sites, which enable the platform to earn money.

What will be the new arrangement for musicians?
While the increase of epidemic affects the economy negatively all over the world, people from every sector have problems. The canceled events caused the musicians who gained from live shows to experience economic difficulties.

Many musicians try to earn from the publications called “quarantineastream”. In the past few days, SoundCloud also had a similar collaboration with the platform.

This arrangement only applies to Bandsintown users with 2,000+ followers. If this criterion is met, a Twitch account should be opened and the link of the artist profile should be linked to this platform. A note stating that the Affiliation program will be contacted by e-mail within two or five days after a short form is filled and sent.

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