Bandmate of the 90-day-old bride Jibri Brandi was called more “attractive” than the cast


The star of the TV series “The New 90-day groom” Jibri Bell causes contradictions between viewers, but his bandmate Brandy is called one of the cutest actors of season 9. Miona moved to Rapid City, South Dakota to start life with Jibri at the beginning of the season, but for 90 days they face a number of challenges. Some of these issues include the Serbian hot-tempered man’s conflict with Jibri’s mother over Miona’s clothing choices, as well as the fact that Miona is struggling to adjust to the slower pace of Rapid City.

It was difficult for Mione to establish a good relationship with Jibri’s parents, and unfortunately, she was not lucky enough to make a good impression on his friends. Djibri is a member of the band Black Serbs along with his friends Brandi, David and Space Cash. Throughout the season, Miona seems to constantly come between Jibri and David, as David feels that Miona is making Jibri behave irrationally and not focus on his work. In a recent episode, the tension became so intense that Jibri and David had a fight in the studio, which led to Brandy eventually settling the relationship between them.

Many fans admire Brandi for showing a sense of maturity and poise throughout the season. On Twitter @See1115 wrote: “Brandi is the only cute person in this show. And the most reasonable.” User @MaybelMAmazed30 also tweeted: “I’m glad to know that Miona and Brandy are friends. Brandy seems to be the intermediary in the group.” When it comes to the relationship between Jibri and Miona, it becomes clear that both sides had a hand in the problems between the couple. While Miona may seem picky and demanding, Jibri has some anger issues. Fans applaud Brandy for Jibri’s impartiality and honest statement about what she thinks about the situation, despite the fact that she was originally his friend.

Brandi first joined Black Serbs in 2019 and hails from Houston, Texas. Jibri describes her as “one of the coldest rappers” of the south side of Chicago. Although she only constantly appears in the storyline of Jibri and Miona, some fans have expressed a desire for her to become a full-fledged actor in the series “90-day groom”. Many viewers think that Brandy makes a lot of sense and seems more realistic than most of the main actors. When it comes to the 90-Day Bride franchise, wise actors like Brandi are often rare, which makes fans admire her even more.

Brandi is not the first supporting actor of the franchise, who was adored by the audience. On the 90th day of the groom: before the 5th season of “90 days”, the audience fell in love with Alina Kozhevnikova’s best friend Elijah. Fans praised Elijah for being such a good friend of Alina, who often needed help in small things because of her dwarfism. Viewers were also pleased to see Elijah being outspoken with Alina’s love interest Caleb Greenwood, who struggled to put any label on the relationship between them. Although Elijah was certainly a fan favorite, he still wasn’t as wise as Brandy in season 9 of The 90-day Groom.