Baldur’s Gate III: Long Road Under a Monumental Shadow


We tested the first iteration of an Early Access in which Larian’s game will grow into the game it seeks to be.

With the 20 years of Baldur’s Gate 2 just completed, you can see Larian’s interest in taking advantage of that flame to launch the playable beta of his foray into AD&D, following the pattern that has given the Belgian studio such good results with its Original Sin, They also spent months in Early Access, iteratively improving thanks to user opinions and experiences and thus achieving a layer of polish that elevated them as some of the best RPGs of the last decade. The stakes are, however, higher now given that we are no longer talking about a world created and shaped by the team, but that we are facing one of the most recognized names in the history of computerized role playing, the watchword of an entire generation. of fans of the genre and with the stamp of one of the most visited and explored fantasy worlds such as Dragons and Dungeons, which conditions the room for maneuver and puts more eyes on development, with a good portion of preconceptions and the usual Annoyance that appears when a study not only picks up the witness of another, but decides to move away from its original focus in pursuit of its own vision.

The Early Access that begins now represents the first step of what is expected to be a long road to the launch of a game, a first opportunity to dive into the ideas, systems, characters and general approaches of the team at the time of raising a project that breaks the plot and mechanical ties with Bioware’s work, pushing the story into the future and adapting it to the new rules of the fifth edition of the board game, discarding in the process the famous stop-and-go real-time system, known familiarly as RTwP (Real Time with Pause), which so distinguished Bioware’s work and which served as the foundation of a golden age for the CRPG at the hands of an Infinity Engine that supported games of the stature of Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment. Instead, as it was shown in its day, the game embraces a pure turn-based combat system, in the image and likeness of the last Divinity, a clear display of independence and a complete declaration of intentions.


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