Baldur’s Gate 3 fixes some of its issues in its Hotfix 2 patch


The title is in early access, so it still has some stability issues, bugs, etc. Baldur’s Gate 3 is far from finished.

The new Larian Studios production has followed the line of previous projects (the two installments of Divinity: Original Sin) and will continue in its work in progress. The early access model will serve developers to collect the necessary feedback, which allows them to diagnose problems and solve them to offer a more complete product when the development process is finally completed. However, its launch has been accompanied by various problems, so the developer has got down to work to start fixing the mess.

“As a general message, if you are having difficulty getting the game to work or experiencing crashes, switch the game to DX11 mode (in the launcher, select the option), and make sure you have the updated graphics drivers,” said Larian. “We also recommend disabling the Steam and Discord overlays in some cases, if you are experiencing slowdowns when enabled.”

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