Baldur’s Gate 3 delays its early access


Larian Studios has shared information on what their characters’ romantic relationships will be like in the game.

One of lime and one of sand. Larian Studios has announced that early access for Baldur’s Gate 3 will not arrive in time. Although it was scheduled for September 30, last minute complications have caused developers to be forced to delay the game for a week, until October 6. However, they have also taken advantage of the circumstance to offer more information about one of the most loved features by players of this type of RPG, romances.

“Ultimately this is a D&D game, so the most important character in a Dungeons and Dragons title is you,” explains Sarah Baylus, lead writer at Larian Studios. According to the extensive publication that Larian has posted on the Steam page of the video game, “each of your teammates has their own personality, goals and motivations.” Those differences will be shaped by who you are and want to be in the game, which will also be reflected in the conversations you have and the dialogue decisions you make.

Think carefully what you say and how you say it

“We have tried to create reactive systems for the entire process of a relationship, from when you meet your partner to the potential romance you have with him. Depending on the type of character you handle, you will have different options that will also be present in the dialogues that mark the relationships. According to Larian, each of the paths will be unique in each game, so that players will experience different content based on different variables.

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“As in real life, the sum of the character is determined by many factors and continues to take shape through your actions and interactions in the world” and the rest of the companions you meet. Frictions will put the team to the test, and romances are just one more ingredient. “Will you seek love with one partner to the detriment of another? Or will you side with a faction the partner detests, putting feelings before strategic goals? Larian cautions that not all decisions will be easy.


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