Baldur’s Gate 3 confirm all available races in it early access


The Larian Studios game will launch its Early Access on October 6, and it does so with 16 available races and a powerful character editor.

The early access version of Baldur’s Gate 3 is just around the corner (it will arrive next Tuesday, October 6, 2020), so Larian Studios wanted to share with its followers today all the races that will be available with its launch. Together they add up to 16 and are encompassed as follows:

  • Humans
  • Elves (including High Elves and Wood Elves)
  • Half-elves (same, includes high half-elves, forest half-elves and dark half-elves)
  • Dwarves (there are golden dwarves and shield dwarves)
  • Medium (either medium light foot or medium strong heart)
  • Drow / Dark elves (we will find seldarine drow and lolth-sworn drow)
  • Tieflings (which may be from the Zariel, Nessus, or Mephistopheles lineage)

In addition, Larian Studios wanted to share several screenshots of their respective faces, for which they claim to have scanned all kinds of actors and models in 3D. In the editor of Baldur’s Gate 3 we can find up to 150 heads to choose from. Depending on what race and appearance we have (and our distance from the Costa de la Espada) we will have some dialogues or others, and we will experience other types of reactions to our adventure.

More than 25 hours of gameplay

At the moment we know that the early access will offer 25 hours of content (approximately), but yes, it will be sold at full price (59.99 euros). Larian will progressively update it with more content and has promised that at some point “it will be a very extensive game.” The previous ones, to give us an idea, reached 50 hours in the case of Baldur’s Gate II and 30 hours in the case of the original (in its Enhanced edition). And that’s just telling the story, because completing them meant doubling both figures.

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In another vein, the latest news from Baldur’s Gate 3 has to do with its multiplayer mode and romances. The multiplayer, for example, will have to combine the million and a half words that make up its script with Twitch and Crowd, where there is the option that the spectators can choose the dialogue options. There will be local cooperative for 2 and online for 4 people, and it will try to evolve what has been learned with Divinity: Original Sin 2. For its part, romances can be with any partner, but they will depend a lot on what we say and how we say it. The game is full of decisions that will make others position themselves for or against us and a new “reactive system” has been created so that the relationship between the characters constantly evolves according to what we do, just like in real life. Very soon – on October 6 – we will put both sections to the test.


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