Baldur’s Gate 3 Actor Creates “Generic” Characters


Early access data from Baldur’s Gate 3 indicates that players build characters that are too boring. Larian Studios shares the first data collected from the early access of Baldur’s Gate 3. As a joke, the team has shown a character as a result of the most used customization options by players so far.

“We want to share something that you created yourselves (it’s your fault) through the choices in the character creator. We have taken the most popular options in the editor to recreate this. We thought that our analysis system is not working. We look at it. It worked ”, they comment in a post on the official Steam forums.

“Congratulations, you’ve basically created the generic vault dweller. What the hell is wrong with you. We give you demon eyes, horns and even tails. We are very disappointed. Do crazy things. We have worked hard working on this. ” To achieve such a level of quality, they used 3D face scans of actors and models. Up to 40 people went through his photo session. You can know the creation process here.

Data and content

Larian acknowledges that there are “a lot of analytics” running in the background, so they will offer more data about the community in future updates. The system works anonymously, that is, they receive the information without knowing from which computer or player it comes. This helps them understand how users play Baldur’s Gate 3, how they can improve it, and where the sources of problems are coming from.

During our impressions, our editorial coordinator Francisco Alberto Serrano put the magnifying glass on the reasons for this early access. He said that it is a way of seeing “how it evolves and even trying to help the Belgian team with well-founded opinions”.

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