Bald Eagle and a Drone Face Up in the Sky


Above Lake Michigan in the US, a bald eagle and a state-owned drone surveying the environment came across in the sky. The bald eagle won this match in the sky.

Technology and nature have come together in an interesting way recently. A drone ‘came across’ with a bald eagle above Lake Michigan. The bald eagle triumphed in this interesting encounter.

Hunter King, a drone pilot from the Michigan Environment, Great Lakes and Energy Agency, was surveying a lake near the Michigan Upper Peninsula last month, when a propeller of the drone broke off.

Drone’s struggle with the bald eagle

The statement from the circle said, “When you looked up, the drone had disappeared and an eagle was flying away”. According to the statement, a couple who regularly observe the eagles witnessed this struggle in the sky while following the seagulls. However, the couple did not know that one of the sides in this struggle was a drone.

With the drone pilot Hunter King, the couple in question had searched for the $ 950 drone for hours and then Arthur Ostaszewski from the apartment brought a kayak and snorkel to search for the drone. However, finding the drone in these turbid waters was quite difficult.

According to the flight report sent by the drone in the last moments, this fight in the sky took place exactly 49 meters above the water and the drone crashed into the water at a speed of 32.8 km per hour. In the statement made by the office, it was said that the reason for the eagle’s attack might be that its area was violated.

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Julia Ponder, director of the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota, called the bald eagles “king of the skies”. Dutch police began using bald eagles to land illegal drones in 2016. Eagles were trained to view drones as prey. Ponder said that eagles do not usually attack in the air, they generally feed on garbage or fish from the waters.


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