Balcão Único allows you to open a company online


This week, the federal government launched Balcão Único, a platform that aims to simplify the opening of companies. The Ministry of Economy reveals that the system automates several processes, “reducing the time and costs to start a business”.

São Paulo was the first city to adopt the new tool, which will soon also arrive in Rio de Janeiro. The project is led by the IRS and the Special Secretariat for Bureaucratization, Management and Digital Government.

With Balcão Único, the opening of a company is carried out using a single, fully digital form. Thus, the system eliminates the need to go to various public agencies to register documents.

The evolution of processes can be followed in the same virtual environment. In this way, the entrepreneur is able to obtain information about the company’s registration and the number of the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ).

Through the platform it will be possible to carry out other actions such as the registration of new hired employees. Likewise, the employer can use the system to register employees through e-Social.

Finally, Balcão Único performs the registration of only three categories of companies: Individual Entrepreneur (EI), Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRELI) and Sociedade Limitada (LTDA).

Process optimization

The Ministry of Economy points out that, according to a World Bank report, citizens who want to open a company in São Paulo have to carry out 11 procedures. Many need to be done in different organs and the whole process takes an average of 17 days.

Thus, Balcão Único’s proposal is to eliminate bureaucratic bottlenecks. Thus, the digital platform will act to release the documentation almost automatically.

“The digital transformation in a one-stop shop into the one stop shop model will make Brazil gain positions in the world ranking regarding the ease of doing business”, reveals the note published by the government portfolio.


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