Baker Mayfield starts Panthers preseason match: Fans’ reaction


The Carolina Panthers announced Saturday morning that Baker Mayfield will be the team’s starting quarterback for their game against the Washington Commanders this afternoon.

Fans were not very surprised by this news. They knew that as soon as the Panthers traded for Mayfield, he would most likely become the team’s starting quarterback.

“Usually the preseason rotation doesn’t matter much. In this case, it seems that Baker Mayfield has every chance to win the Carolina job (as he should),” said NFL analyst Brent Sobleski.

“A good move by Mayfield to get the job,” said Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

“THE WORDS WE’VE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR,” said another Panthers fan.

While Baker starts today, head coach Matt Rule has made it clear that they have not yet decided on a starting quarterback for the regular season.

“When we know, we know,” Rule said. “If we knew for sure, we would say it and just move on. When we know, we know. Every day brings new evidence. Every day brings new ideas. But at the same time, they are both competitors. The guy had a strong day, the next guy fights back the next day. I think it was useful for our team. It was helpful for the staff. I think everything was done correctly.

Should Baker be the starting quarterback when the regular season starts?


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