Bailey Madison and Chandler Kinney Interview: “Pretty Liars: Original Sin”


“Pretty Liars: Original Sin” launches the popular youth franchise into a new chapter on HBO Max. The series continues the storyline of the series “Cute Liars” from Freeform, which ran from 2010 to 2016, with a group of high school students involved in a mysterious murder in their small town of Millwood. Bailey Madison plays Imogen Adams, who bears the brunt of a past injury and an ongoing pregnancy. Chandler Kinney plays Tabitha Hayworth, a horror movie lover with a mysterious backstory. Maya Refikko, Malia Pyles, Mallory Bechtel and Zaria complete the main cast of “Original Sin”.

Before “Pretty Liars: Original Sin”, Madison appeared in the films “Brothers” in 2009, “Bridge to Terabithia” in 2007 and in the TV series “The Good Witch”. Kinney appeared in the TV show Lethal Weapon from 2016 to 2019 and is starring in the Disney Zombie franchise.

Madison and Kinney talked to Screen Rant about how to join the Cute Liars franchise, play their characters in Original Sin, and get closer to their co-stars on the set.

Screen Rant: Were you both fans of the original “Cute Liars”? How does it feel to be part of this new chapter in original sin?

Bailey Madison: We were ardent fans of the original “Cute Liars”. I think Chandler and I have our own personal experience of working with this series and how much it means to us both to the audience and to realize the line between loving the series and falling in love with actors outside the series.

I think it was such a surreal experience growing up having “Cute Liars” to turn to, so being a part of something that I and many people like is a great honor, it’s very surreal and at the same time humiliating, and also very interesting because as someone who loves the original so much, I am very glad that you are continuing this legacy in a new and darker way for fans of the original and for people who may not have been around. when the series began to plunge into the world of Cute liars, because once you start, you can’t get out of it.

Chandler Kinney: As Bailey said, we were both big fans of the original. I remember watching it in high school and being so emotionally invested in these characters and wanting to know who A was. It was my introduction to the Youth Space, and so there was a very exciting quality to it when you just wanted the next series and it just lured you in. These are some qualities that we really hoped to bring to “Original Sin”, as well as our own little twist on it and really honing in on the more horrific aspect of it as well. So, it’s a little harsher, darker and bloodier. We are very happy that the fans will see it. It was just surreal, as Bailey said. It’s pretty wild, I’m still pinching myself.

Bailey, your character Imogen starts the show carrying a trauma and a baby. How do these aspects of her story influence the decisions she makes in the future?

Bailey Madison: They influence almost every decision she has to make throughout our first season of the show. As you said, we meet her in the sixth month of pregnancy, who has experienced many traumas and tragedies at just 16 years old. Her whole world, everything that was safe for her, everything that was sacred and personal, has been taken away, and this will affect her search for truth, because in truth she can regain her strength. I’m really excited that this story will unfold as the season progresses.

I like to see that Tabby loves movies and appreciates many real-life movies and the people involved in them. Chandler, which director or other actor inspires you?

Chandler Kinney: This is a really great question. Two people actually just popped into my head and they worked together and I love them both individually and together. This is Jordan Peele, whom I consider simply one of the most incredible directors of our time and, I would say, also of history, because indeed his work is so innovative and important in the modern world. And also Lupita Nyong’o. She was an actress that I looked up to all my life. I love how vulnerable she is with her characters and how deeply she delves into her inner life with these people she portrays. We were a pretty big movie for me. It’s like two of my favorite movies came together, and wow, what a masterpiece.

I liked watching the dynamics of the characters on the screen. What was the rapprochement of the entire cast on the set?

Bailey Madison: It was really incredible. I guess you never know. You can always hope, especially when you sign up for such a big show, and the show only works if the ensemble works together, and if the actors work together, and if people can work together.


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