Bailey Bass From Avatar 2 on Underwater Scenes: “I like doing the least”


Of all the feats performed by Avatar: The Way of Water, some of the most impressive did not require the help of computer graphics. Since several actors were trained to free dive for the underwater episodes featured in the popular sci-fi movie, much of the hype surrounding the long-awaited sequel was centered around this physically practical feat.

However, for actress Bailey Bass, this part of the job was, at least in the beginning, “the least favorite activity.” Bass took part in an interview with Shape and talked about the pressure that Cirea’s role in Avatar 2 put on her. A young Na’vi, a member of the Metcaina water tribe, is one of the characters who help Sally’s family learn the Path of Water in their exile from the forests of Pandora.

As Bailey Bass continued to tell her story, she revealed that her continuous freediving experience soon turned into something completely different.:

[Freediving] was my least favorite activity in training at first. And in the end, I succeeded more than most actors, which I say kindly and with pride, because I’m so nervous, I wear a wetsuit for ages, so out of my body, so that later, at the end of filming, let it be your favorite activity, shows huge growth.

Bailey Bass’ enthusiasm for the underwater trials of Avatar: The Way of Water puts her in good company in the Avatar family. Kate Winslet’s record-breaking underwater abilities probably put her in the same camp as Bass when it comes to the aquatic antics the film demanded. Although Bass’s statements about the “superiority” of some colleagues in the film make us wonder how she looks against the veteran of “Titanic”.

It’s good that Bailey Bass has gained experience in underwater filming, as her character will probably be taken into account in future parts of Avatar. At the very least, Cirea is likely to be present in Avatar 3, which was filmed at the same time as Avatar: The Way of Water for various logistical reasons. Although the next sequel will focus more on the antagonistic Ash People, I’m guessing there will be some help from Pandora’s water tribe for sure.

Although we can speculate about where the Avatar sequels might go, the exact details are known only to people James Cameron trusts. Since these sequels are now guaranteed thanks to the success of Avatar 2, perhaps there will be even more freediving in the future. With any luck, Bailey Bass will continue to love freediving and will continue to compete with his colleagues on the set.

Avatar: “The Way of Water” is still floating heavily in the theater next to you, and will probably be for some time yet. If you want to make it a double, you can combine the screening of the sequel with the first “Avatar”, which is currently being broadcast for Disney+ subscription owners.


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