Baidu’s robot taxis depart in Beijing, China


Baidu launched the robot taxi service named Apollo Go in Changsha and Cangzhou, China last month, shortly after announcing that it was ready. The new stop of Apollo Go will be Beijing, the capital of China. Thus, Baidu’s autonomous vehicle service will earn the title of being the first platform to appear on the roads of Beijing, the capital of China.

Apollo Go’s service area in Beijing is 700 kilometers long and consists of 100 stops. The vehicles will travel around the areas where both residences and business centers are located. Baidu stated that this is the longest autonomous driving test network in China.

Baidu will begin operations in Beijing with 40 autonomous vehicles. People will still be at the wheel of the vehicles. However, the main goal in the tests will be to provide a true driverless taxi experience along the route. Drivers will be able to book vehicles via Baidu Maps or Apollo’s website.

Before Baidu took the Apollo Go service to Beijing, it also conducted autonomous driving tests in the city. The company, which has covered almost 520 thousand kilometers so far within the scope of the tests that started in December 2019, was able to obtain the necessary operating permit for the Apollo Go.


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