Baffled fans due to terrible filming error


Bridgerton is already a Netflix hit, but fans have now discovered another hot topic in the dazzling period drama, and it’s a scandal worthy of the pen of Lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews) herself.

Similarly, in some shots you can clearly see yellow lines painted along the roads of Bath. Royal Crescent, as horse-drawn carriages travel through them.

Considering that the first season of Bridgerton is set in 1813, more than a century before yellow painted lines began to be used on the roads of Britain to restrict parking, this is a rather unusual sight.

Thanks to this, fans had quite a bit of fun with the bug, and one tweeted that they really enjoyed Bridgerton, but with the technology available to filmmakers these days a yellow line is a very serious mistake.

In turn, another express who had watched two Bridgerton episodes and had so far seen a yellow line and a telecommunications manhole cover, so he was puzzled because he did not know that the British of the 19th century were such pioneers, explaining that in all sarcastic.

Likewise, the theory has been developed that there could be some kind of time travel scandal yet to be revealed in high society, however many Bridgerton fans question it because the books do not show anything about it. .

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with speculating about what could happen in future seasons of the Netflix drama, the good news is that we now know for sure that Bridgerton will have a second season after the great audience success of the first.

Because Netflix has confirmed that a second season is on the way and that the next series of episodes will shift the focus to Bridgerton’s older brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) as he faces the brutal social season once again in his quest of love.


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