Baekhyun worries fans about his health


Baekhyun’s followers think that the idol’s health could be affected by the pace of work. Now that SuperM is back with new music, the excitement of their fans has not stopped. The group promises to release more releases soon, including their first full album, but the idols’ health might not be at their best according to the group’s fans.

As part of the preparations for the premiere of more music, the boys of SuperM have done some live broadcasts from their Instagram account, sharing some of the details of their activities and keeping in touch with fans.

One of these broadcasts raised the concern of his followers, as the members of the SM Entertainment idol group that debuted on October 4, 2019, looked very tired after finishing their activities.

Although SuperM fans were happy to see these guys, it all changed when they noticed that the group members needed a break, so their concern increased.

It was Baekhyun who caused the greatest impact on his followers, since this idol was lying on an armchair and was not very visible in the scene, before this his companions brought the camera closer to Baek so that the fans could see him, however, he looked exhausted and said he was very sleepy.

It hasn’t been long since Baekhyun released his second solo album under the name Delight, and other SuperM members have also continued their respective group activities or solo promotions, which is why some fans suspect idols. from SM Entertainment are not resting as they should.

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Faced with this scenario, fans have taken to social networks to ask for a break for these boys, otherwise their health could be affected.

SuperM recently released the music video for song 100, but also revealed the tracklist for their first full album.


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