Baekhyun Streams Every Second for OST Recording


Baekhyun is already part of the soundtrack that accompanies the chapters of the K-Drama Memories of Youth, find out the details about this song.

The dramas that premiered this year continue to surprise us, one of them is Record Of Youth, where in addition to having an incredible cast and a very good story, we can also enjoy the voice of great artists that are part of their OST, one of them it’s Baekhyun.

As the episodes of the Record Of Youth K-Drama progress, we may also learn more melodies that were planned for this story, so the surprises in this series do not stop.

Being able to listen to our favorite idols and groups accompanying a story of dreams and romance makes this production even more attractive, but one of the talents that we are always happy to hear is Baekhyun.

This member of EXO and SuperM has just released a tune under the name Every Second, a song that will accompany the story of Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam as protagonists of the Korean drama.

Every Second already has its own YouTube video, where we see scenes from tvN’s K-Drama where Jung Ha and Hye Joon meet during a rainy day, as well as the reunions they plan after they start to get close.

It is an emotional melody that tells us about the support that a person is willing to provide to someone they consider special, so the lyrics tell the other person that they should not worry about anything because they will always have someone by their side. side that helps you stay strong as you try to achieve your dreams.

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You can watch the video for Every Second below:

Record Of Youth continues to air and premieres new episodes every week, so you are in time to catch up with this story that will surely catch you.

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