Baekhyun Receives Million Sellers Special Award


Baekhyun officially becomes a Million Seller solo artist and receives a special award. The EXO and EXO-CBX member made his comeback a few months ago with “Candy,” his second solo material. He is one of the main vocalists of the group, he is also very popular in South Korea as a solo artist and has also performed as an actor on a couple of occasions.

Through his personal Instagram account, Baekhyun shared a very special moment with EXO-L, the idol returned with his second album “Delight” last May, whose main single was “Candy”, this solo work gave him a great title that shows his great talent and recognition in the K-pop industry.

EXO’s agency SM Entertainment gave Baekhyun recognition for becoming a Million Seller, an achievement that few can boast about, as it takes massive support, as well as maintaining good status as an artist to achieve such a feat. The K-pop idol shared his award photo to thank his fans for their support.

The certificate he received for selling more than 1 million copies with “Delight” cites that he is the first SM artist to achieve it, the company extended its congratulations to the singer, hoping that the EXO idol will continue his career within the agency, in group and as a soloist, in the future to continue growing and developing his talent.

On social media, EXO-L expressed their support and congratulations for Baekhyun, who has stood out for his vocals and charisma. The K-pop star kicked off his solo career with the album “City Lights” in 2019, a promising start for the idol, who has had several musical collaborations and some drama OSTs during his career.

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EXO has bet on new projects such as Chen, Suho, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol and Sehun’s subunit EXO SC, to promote as the group goes through a mini hiatus due to the military service that some of its members began. The next release is from Kai, who will be making his solo debut.

Being a Million Seller is a great achievement for Baekhyun, as he broke a record from 19 years ago, which was set by singer Kim Gun Mo of CJ Media Line. It is important to note that despite K-pop fandoms, winning over the Korean public is difficult, but the EXO member has succeeded, in addition to EXO-L he has won the hearts of fans who also appreciate his talent.

EXO recently broke a record with their MV Obsesssion, which hit 100 million views, it was the group’s last comeback before they could resume promotions together.


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