Baekhyun prepared several albums before starting his military service


EXO’s vocalist surprised his fans with sad news; however, he shared the surprises he prepared for them during his absence.

EXO’s Baekhyun announces his military enlistment. He will be the sixth member to join the military and decided to leave several surprises for his fans before saying goodbye.

The agency’s K-pop group SM Entertaiment will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in April 2022, so they have prepared a new comeback in a year from now, as some of their members will be absent due to their obligation as Korean citizens. Apparently, this year there will be no activities as a group, but they will have several musical projects.

Through his personal Instagram account, EXO’s Baekhyun held a live broadcast to connect with his fans. The idol talked about his promotions with “Bambi,” but also gave them some sad news:he will enlist in the army very soon. The vocalist explained that he could no longer extend his application and March was the deadline for fulfilling his obligations.

DO and Xiumin were the first to leave and recently returned, both preparing their solo albums, as well as acting in drama and movies. Chanyeol will be the first to enlist this year, his date is set for March 29, and Baekhyun will have his last promotions before saying goodbye.


According to Baekhyun, he couldn’t extend his enlistment date any further. Apparently, he will have to enter in May, so he will have the entire month of April to carry out promotions with “Bambi”, his new comeback. It is unknown if there will be a special event to meet his fans online.

However, EXO-L wo n’t miss him so much with the surprises he decided to prepare for them. Before pausing his activities, Baekhyun confirmed that in addition to his solo, he also prepared an album with SuperM and participated in EXO’s anniversary comeback .

The announcement saddened several of his fans, the idol decided to open up to them and hesitated to tell them about his plans, since he did not want them to feel restless. He also didn’t want to leave empty-handed and not leave something for them to listen to during his nearly 2-year absence.

EXO-L released their messages of support for EXO’s vocalist and will be patiently waiting for his return. Currently, Sehun, Xiumin, DO, and Kai are concentrating on their solo projects.


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