Baekhyun Premieres Flirty Get You Alone MV


The EXO vocalist made his solo debut in the Japanese market with the fun MV ‘Get You Alone’, check out his video clip.

Byun Baekhyun showed off his conqueror skills and gave some charm classes in the official video for ‘Get You Alone’, the first promo song for his Japanese record material.

Baekhyun started the year 2021 with many musical projects and official activities, he presented his first solo online concert with Beyond Live, which was a success. The K-pop idol has more to celebrate.

This morning, through SMTOWN’s official channel on the YouTube platform, they published the official video for ‘ Get You Alone ‘, the title track of Baekhyun’s self-titled Japanese mini album .

The sounds of the melody combined different rhythms and musical styles, giving it a retro mix with contagious, fun rhythms and perfect for dancing. The production of ‘ Get You Alone ‘ demonstrated Baekhyun’s flirtatious and shy style . Read on for more details on the premiere.


Baekhyun played two boys in ‘Get You Alone’ , one with an introverted personality who asked the more outgoing person for help and advice to change his behavior and appearance.

Some of the tips Baekhyun received consisted of: always keep a big smile, smell nice with a special perfume, be gentlemanly, keep your distance, and have a good figure.

An excerpt from Baekhyun’s ‘Get You Alone ‘ reads:

I want to get everything this heart wants, I don’t want to be greedy, I just want to be honest, am I not a bad boy?

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EXO-L from all over the world celebrated the vocalist’s release with the hashtags #BAEKHYUN_GetYouAlone and # BAEKHYUN_Japan1stMiniAlbum, which quickly entered the trends of different countries.

Other songs of Baekhyun be released on January 20, 2021, Star fans will enjoy the tracklist digital music platforms like YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

One of the hallmarks of Baekhyun’s talent is his high notes, the K-pop idol proved himself to be a pro by performing incredible tones with precise technique.


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