Baekhyun becomes a shining star for Bambi


The EXO singer shared his inner glow in new comeback stills with the mini album ‘Bambi’. Baekhyun became EXO-L’s brightest star in new concept photos from the record material ‘Bambi’, the EXO member’s spring comeback is getting closer and closer.

If so far you have not excited about the upcoming return musical of Baekhyun it is because such have not ever seen the new teasers concept of the idol of EXO for the mini album ‘ Bambi ‘.

In recent days, the SM Entertainment vocalist indulged netizens with photos for the spring comeback , Baekhyun showed his intimidating bad boy side and also mixed his wild and lovable side.

The new photos of the K-pop celebrity showed his more delicate side, the member of EXO transformed into a shining star. Baekhyun took EXO-L on an interesting journey through the concept of their third album .


Unlike the previous teasers , Baekhyun was portrayed in a set full of pastel colors that gave the photoshoot a different aura, merging various styles that resulted in a balanced mix between the fantastic and magical.

The dreamy theme was also reflected in his looks, Baekhyun modeled for the camera with youthful and fun clothes made of denim, the idol looked comfortable and delivered to the shoot.

¬†Internet users were amazed by the hairstyle of the interpreter of ‘Amusement Park’, his hair was starred by sparkles and glitters that gave the illusion of a shower of stars on his hair, the lights played an important role so that the tones were better appreciated.

Baekhyun will return to the stage on March 30 at 6:00 PM South Korean time , the songs and studio record material will be available on various music platforms. YAY!

The conceptual images of Baekhyun of EXO for ‘ Bambi ‘ is a show that idol with a powerful duality, you see the teasers above?


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