Baekhyun and Taeyong to match with very special collaboration


EXO and NCT will make the best music duo this spring thanks to the talents of their members. Discover the new project of the SM agency.

NCT’s Taeyong and EXO’s Baekhyun will delight fans with a new musical collaboration. The idols are ready to show off their side as a K-pop duo with their spring song.

Subunit 127 and agency group SM are preparing to have a group comeback in 2021, but it seems that among their musical projects there is an unexpected duo. The solo careers of both members have been a success and they decided to join forces to show their full potential.

Through Korean media, it was revealed that Baekhyun and Taeyong will be preparing a collaboration that will be released soon. The single will be released through the Soundcloud platform, one of the most important for digital music and independent artists. The two are expected to be able to break a great record with their song together.

For Baekhyun’s part , this will be his second project of the year after announcing his comeback with the album “Bambi” on March 30th. Taeyong has also experienced solo performances with the song “Long Flight” and has a history of being a songwriter for NCT since his debut. A songwriter and a great vocalist will make the best K-pop combination.


Being one of the most popular idols in the industry thanks to their visual and talent, NCTzen and EXO-L celebrated the new K-pop duo on social media. Can you imagine the rhythm it will have? Baekhyun usually sings R&B style with some pop, Taeyong is used to the urban scene and NCT concept .

The release date and name of the collaboration are still unknown , but it was reported that Taeyong is the author of the collaboration . The NCT idol recently released Dark Clouds through Soundcloud, so this single could be part of his musical repertoire.

The excitement for this project is Baekhyun’s vocal talent and Taeyong’s composition . It could be a very manly and daring song, or a love ballad performed by two K-pop visuals.

In addition to this collaboration , the members of EXO are planning to release new music. Chanyeol will gift his fans with a new solo album before going to the military.