Bad news for Zoom: Google Meet is on the rise!


A new update for Google Meet downloads has arrived. This update on a statistical basis summarizes the advantage of the Corona virus for video speech applications. So how many times has Google Meet been downloaded?

Google Meet downloads more than expected
Users who have spent time at home because of the quarantine application for the last few months are looking for new solutions to have fun. In addition, people who do not want to break with their loved ones use applications such as Meet or Zoom.

This application, which has recently switched from the paid system to free use, was brought to the agenda in the Google Play Store. The voice and video call service, which has been on the rise since March, continues to spread.

Passing the 5 million downloads threshold in the first days of March, Google Meet achieved 10 million downloads after 20 days. According to the latest information received, the total number of downloads has exceeded 50 million.

This software, which was previously free only for GSuite users, is now free for everyone. In this way, the demand for Meet software has increased. Meet, who is the rival of Zoom, seems to be talking for a while.

Up to 250 people can attend meetings organized by this software from Google. As you know, Google Meet was developed for both Android versions and iOS versions. Apart from this, it is known that this free use application will continue for a certain period of time.

Because after a while “60 minutes limit” application will come. Meet, which can be used free of charge for 60 minutes, will be paid from the 61th minute. Who do you think wins this competition: Zoom or Meet?


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