Bad news for users who sell and shop on Instagram!


Today Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with more than 2 billion users. At the same time, it adds new features and functions daily to provide users with a better social media experience. In addition, it is worth noting that he often experimented with design. On the other hand, the latest design experiment is of interest to people who sell and shop on the platform.

Instagram Store tab removed for some users

Instagram’s latest design experiment was the removal of the “Store” tab, which allows users to sell and make purchases, from the notification, that is, from the submenu. Of course, as we mentioned above, at some point this situation bothered sellers and buyers.

Instagram is currently testing a new submenu design without the “Store” tab with a small number of users. In fact, Meta spokesperson Ann Ye confirmed the test in a statement to The Verge, saying it’s part of the ongoing work to further simplify the Instagram experience. On the other hand, the question of how many people were tested was only limited.

The Store tab was added to the platform almost two years ago during the pandemic, when online shopping was at an all-time high. This gave creators a new way to connect with users, while brands and small businesses also offered products for sale, giving users the ability to instantly buy products that appear in their channels.

Of course, one of the most curious questions was where to place the “Shop” button. The “Store” tab was placed in the settings section based on information from users who passed the test. This led to the opinion that the company slightly pushed the corresponding function into the background. However, we should not forget that this is a test and there is a possibility that it may not come to life.


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