Bad News For Those Who Don’t Use YouTube Premium


Youtube Music comes with news that will upset its free users. Some features are exclusive to premium members only.


YouTube launched its online music service YouTube Music in 2015 as an alternative to music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music. The platform has recently become one of the most used applications among music listening platforms.

Users can enjoy the content either as a premium or for free. However, the company has made some decisions in order to direct its users to Premium membership. These decisions seem to upset free users a little. Here are the details…

YouTube Music now only offers audio files.

Users who wanted to subscribe to Youtube Music for free could benefit from all the content of the platform with the advertising feature. The company is now changing. Currently, you are listening to the audio of a track and watching its video at the same time. Now, as per the new company policy, the video watching feature becomes exclusive to premium users only. It is already a matter of curiosity how users will react to the feature, which will be valid after November 3rd.

In free subscriptions, there will be a background play feature, while the advertising layer will continue to be active. Users who want to get a premium membership to Youtube Music need a certain fee. Memberships are free for the first month as part of the trial period, and YouTube reminds the user 7 days before the trial period ends. No commitment is required for subscriptions. The subscription is canceled instantly according to the user’s request. This update of YouTube will launch first in Canada.

YouTube is not alone in this policy. Now platforms are trying to move away from free services step by step. Earlier this week, Apple started implementing the feature, which is used for a fee and works only through Siri. Although it provides free service on Spotify, it reserves many features for its premium members. The free plan does not include the option to download music. While listening to music, an ad comes in and the next track feature is not activated by pressing the skip button. In other words, the usage area for free users is quite limited.

So what do you think about these policies of the platforms? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.


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